Look to falsify

Human nature is to confirm. Most people look to find evidence (and arguments) that confirm their view/position. The confirmation bias is so prevalent in our fundamental psychology that its quite crippling when it comes to aligning your perspective to reality. This confirmation bias is embedded in our human nature and our thinking, countless studies show … Continue reading Look to falsify

The Real National Emergency: Opioid’s

A quick summary of the opioid crisis in the United States: All data collected from The Economist; Issue Feb 23rd 2019. ~50,000 Americans dying each year from opioid overdoses Highest opioid death rate states: (2017) West Virginia Ohio New Hampshire Drugs now kill ~70,000 Americans/year. More than motor accident or gun deaths, which are ~39,000 … Continue reading The Real National Emergency: Opioid’s


Since December start: $SPX is off 12.46% $DJIA is off 12.10% $NASDAQ is off 13.60% Previous support in the 2600-2650 level on $SPX failed. Sentiment is changing. While the saying that Markets have predicted 10 of the last 3 recessions is a truism, as sentiment changes, recessions become more likely to emerge. Not to mention … Continue reading December